Commentary and Voices

  • (2007) The long term learning needs of older people in Ireland: A discussion paper

    Adele McKenna for AONTAS

    AONTAS conducted preliminary research into the lifelong learning needs of older people in Ireland in 2007. In drafting this discussion paper, AONTAS drew on the research and engaged in consultation with various organisations and individuals representing the interests of older people in Ireland, as well as older people directly involved in adult and community education. The paper locates the discussion on the lifelong learning needs of older people within the context of existing service provision. It identifies the specific learning requirements of older people, the supports needed to ensure older people's involvement in adult and community education and the current gaps in service provision. The paper offers some recommendations to address the future lifelong learning needs of older people.

  • (2009) Manifesto for Senior Learners. Ireland

    AONTAS (The National Adult Learning Organisation, Ireland)

    This short manifesto emerged from a consultation day of the AONTAS Senior Learners' Network in Ireland. It contains five items which are based on the principle that "education is a right for all."

  • (2010) Focus on Older People's Skills. Ireland

    Connor Breen (Centre for Ageing Research and Development in Ireland)

    This article examines the facts and policies on the skills of older people in Northern Ireland and and the Republic of Ireland. It considers what steps can be taken in policy and practice to improve those skills.

  • (2010) Learning in later life - projects, conferences and examples of practice in Europe

    Jim Soulsby, University of Leicester, UK

    This paper reports on the European Commission's conference 'Grundtvig, a decade of European innovation in adult learning', held in Brussels, January 26-28 2010, and the Spanish Government's 'Active and Healthy Ageing' conference held in Logrono, April 29 2010. It focus particularly on the examples of projects on learning in later life presented at both events. The paper also includes the results of a brief mapping exercise of known educational initiatives concerned with ageing and/or older people and funded by the European Commission.

  • (2010) Position paper: the development and financing of later life learning

    Vlaamse Ouderenraad

    Standpunt van aanbevolen prioriteiten om tot een betere financiering van oudereneducatie te komen: 1.het wegwerken van alle financiëledrempels voor ouderen die zich als vrijwilliger maatschappelijk inzetten en hiervoor hetnodige willen leren; 2. vaststellen watkan worden aangeduidals ‘basisvorming’ voor ouderen; 3. ouderen systematisch te stimuleren van het aanbod gebruik te maken; 4. ouderen als helpers bij het leren. Vlaamseouderenraad, Brussel, 8 pg., March 2010

  • (2010) The Longevity Revolution

    John Benyon

    Political Insight, Vol. 1, Number 1, April 2010, pp. 27 – 31. Life expectancy has been increasing since 1840 – and looks set to continue. Some commentators and politicians see the ageing society in negative terms and as a drain on public resources. But, John Benyon argues, the changing demography presents opportunities as well as challenges.

  • (2011) Engagement motivates generations: documentation of the regional conference organised on the occasion of the European Year of Volunteering 2011 to enhance active citizenship

    the German National Association of Senior Citizens‘ Organizations (BAGSO)

    Brochure from the regional conference organised on the occasion of the European Year of Volunteering 2011 to enhance active citizenship, 19–20 May 2011, Hamburg, Germany. The conference was organised by the German National Association of Senior Citizens‘ Organizations (BAGSO), the German National Association for Senior Citizens‘ Agencies and the Koerber Foundation. This documents contains conference inputs and examples of good practice.

  • (2012) The European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations

    Kasia Jurczak

    A useful power-point summary of the purpose, content and outcomes of the European Year. Given by Kasia Jurczak, DG Policy Analyst, 14 November 2012

  • (2014) Grandparents in Europe helping with childare: short documentary

    Short documentary (13 minutes) produced by Grandparents Plus. The documentary looks at the role grandparents are playing in supporting families with childcare, in the UK and in Europe. It draws on new statistics from Grandparenting in Europe: family policy and grandparents' role in providing childcare, King’s College London, 2013. The documentary was shot in the UK and contains interviews with 3 grandmothers, Anthea Tinker from the Institute of Gerontology of King’s College London, and Sarah Hayward leader of Camden Council and contains key statistics from the Grandparenting in Europe report.

  • On-line role play game management

    Associate Prof. Jan Lojda, MSc.PhD.MBA

    Aim of this contribution is to share experience with the management of on-line events and to offer to the potential reader the way of thinking about this topic. The article is presented to describe and to discover critical points and risks of the on-line training events planning and providing.